Saving Money at University – 4 Handy Tips

For many, going to university is the first step towards independence. All of a sudden you are exposed to a world of responsibility and self-reliance – any help should always be greatly received.

For many, this is the first time you will be living away from home, and in your first year the halls of residence do offer a lot of support. For example, all bills such as utility and electricity are included in one rental fee and your lease is usually geared to university term times.Read full blogs at

However, after your first year, moving into independent living can be rather daunting. Now, each bill is separate, and there are still travel expenses to pay for. There is no better time to have the skill to manage your finances and manage them well.

These 4 ways to save money at university can really help you live your student life in a comfortable and worry free way:-

1. Bargain Hunting – Throughout the university campus there will be signs and posters advertising special offers and student discounts in shops.Use these to your advantage,especially when purchasing books and stationery. Check in stores if student discount is offered before making a purchase and always look online to find special discounted software for pupils. This way you can have the best software for your studies but at amazing discounted prices, especially for students.

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2. Time Management – In your shared house, try to establish the best time to use the washer/ central heating and oven by establishing a routine when most of you will be there at one time. This will keep heating and electricity bills to a minimum. If you plan your weekly shop together, buying in bulk will be not only practical but also more cost effective.

3. Budget Well – By setting out your finances termly you can ensure that you have enough money to last you. Each term make a note of all expenses such as food, utility bills, books, travel expenses, then with the remainder divide that sum over the total number of weeks in the term. Now you have an exact weekly spend allowance for socializing or emergencies. By knowing your finances, you are better equipped to deal with any unexpected financial expenses that may occur.

4. Travel – Transport can become very expensive day after day, one of the best ways to combat this is to try and find accommodation close to your campus so that you can walk to your lectures and save on bus/train fares. Consider bringing your bike to cycle to and from your daily destinations. Just remember to bring a good safety padlock with you. For your journeys home, invest in a rail card to save money on your train tickets.

Of all these expenses, perhaps the most costly is the software. You need good software to support your studies but do not pay top prices; by searching online you will easily find specially discounted software for pupils and benefit from these great deals that are available to students and teachers alike.For more information go to her new post.

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