Cheating in Online College Classes: A Virtual Epidemic

Today the academe has spread its venue of learning. Technically speaking a college is set-up in a classroom with a professor and students. As technology help the human civilization live in convenience, online colleges come to life. Online colleges are venues of learning that help some busy people to continue their studies without sacrificing the big part of their time. People that have stable income and work are the ones who avail the offer of virtual classes. They want to finish their college degree or want to earn more credentials. These assets will make them globally competitive.

A number of universities provide online classes. But only a few give some credits for a degree. An online class does not require attendance, but still it needs a lot of effort. Students need to read a lot of resources given by professors in the virtual class. Some colleges require a certain amount of hours to acquire a degree. Academic excellence should start with oneself recognition of integrity. Everyone in the academe believes that each student should be reliable enough to build his/her own career.

Inherently, honesty is the best virtue that would give students the true satisfaction they can have. But why is cheating very rampant in universities?

Online classes are not an exception to cheating. Assessment of student’s level of learning is usually given in a form of a test or examination. The course in virtual classes is usually laid for the student’s convenience. The requirements for the class can have a deadline of more than a year. But to take an examination will be secured with a proctor from the university. But still cheating prevails from all of this.

Cheating can be caused by many factors. It could be that the student is inclined to it since elementary to high school and eventually in college. It could also be that he is having a hard time in learning the subject. And some wants to have big percentile for self-assurance. They have this mindset that if they have good scholastic records they have a bigger chance of grabbing high-wage rate jobs. To cheat for them would mean that they could have a better future.

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Students usually pay proctors or some professionals to take their exams. This way the possibility of passing the test will be higher; some may get very high scores. It also saves them a lot of time. Yes it does give the student a big chance of grabbing a good job, but then where is the integrity here?It can’t be hidden forever. Cheating can be a bad attitude that could affect the future of the individual. They can bring it to their offices or even in their homes.Read more information visit her latest blog post.

They can evade the effects of it but eventually the fruits of it will be revealed. For example a businessman cheats on his tax remittance. They can evade it in certain amount of time but it will be soon exposed. Cheating may be a temporary solution to the difficulty of taking online classes. But it will not give the person the thrill of learning new things. They are depriving themselves to get out of their comfort zones. It might also corrupt their personalities.

Yes cheating in online college classes has become a virtual epidemic.

But then one should realize that hard work and patience is still the key to true satisfaction and self-fulfilling success. Read more information at

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